Reminder: Take a break from the news!

dsc_0032This post is relevant for us all, but is particularly aimed at those in the United States.

There is a spiritual principle that what you focus on, you become*.  In other words, your mind takes on the vibration of the things you focus on. Right now the news in the U.S. has a very strong undertone of anger. Even when the anchors, journalists, pundits, or experts aren’t seemingly angry, there are waves of anger coming from the news. So when you consume the news (in any format), you are taking on a lot of angry energy. Sensitive people need to take a break from this barrage of toxic energy or it will build up and make you feel angry (at best) or sick (at worst). I’m not advocating putting your head in the sand, but rather to give yourself a break now and then so you can maintain equilibrium.

* A fun post on the principle of what you focus on you become, can be found here.

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How to Combat Depression During the Holidays (or Anytime)


It’s a spiritual truth that the mind takes on the “vibe” of wherever you put it. When you’re depressed, you need to pull your mind out of depressive environments and put it in brighter places.

For Immediate Relief

  1. Get outside.
    Go on a hike (preferably), take the dog on a walk, or walk around the block.  Clear air and exercise do wonders for lifting you out of the swamp.
  2. Turn off the TV and video games and stay off the Internet.
    Both TV and the Internet can make you feel really dull and uninspired. They sap you of energy even though you are not physically doing anything. While it’s not practical to avoid the Internet entirely, when you’re depressed you’ll be well-served to avoid it as much as possible. Limit your Internet time to necessary shopping and banking transactions and then get out. Here’s more on how to fact check for yourself that the Internet is a depressant.
    Video games are worlds that you immerse your mind into, so when you understand that where you put your mind determines how you feel, you understand that you need to protect where you allow your mind to go. Most video games are not bright, happy places and should be avoided when you’re trying to escape depression.
  3. Get away from toxic people.
    We pick up the moods and energy of other people, so hanging around toxic people will make you feel tired, angry or depressed. When you are mired in depression, it’s imperative you get away from these people.
  4. Get to work—whether at your job or on a personal project.
    Staying busy keeps you from focusing on yourself and your predicament.
  5. Read a spiritual book.
    Immersing your mind in bright energy will make you feel so much better.  Here are some easy reads that will lift you up.
  6. Believe in yourself.
    Absolutely everyone is worthy of happiness.

For long-term relief, you need to get in touch with your soul.  This is the way I recommend.

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Note: While I’ve helped many people successfully overcome depression through meditation and mindfulness, I have no expertise nor experience working with addiction or severe mental illness. The above steps are not intended to treat those illnesses.

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Happiness Tip: Reduce your time on the Internet!

MedGalWorkingZazC2Please, I urge you to fact check this tip for yourself!!! – Sara

The Internet is a tremendous depressant. After spending fifteen or twenty minutes reading the web, you feel less energized, less hopeful and worst of all, less motivated, regardless of the content you’re reading! Fact check this for yourself. When you are feeling good one morning, write down your state of mind and what you feel like doing for the day, then surf the Internet for twenty minutes. Next, look at your state of mind. How do you feel—do you feel differently than you did twenty minutes ago? Most people find that surfing the Internet takes their edge away. The remedy is to be quick and efficient when doing online banking or shopping transactions and to reduce the amount of time spent reading and watching mindless “entertainment.” You can even download information from the Internet and read it offline. I promise you will feel better if you follow this tip!

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The Bliss of a Vacation from the Internet

MedGalWalkingRecently I was on vacation, and with the exception of a few email checks, I also took a vacation from the Internet. Though I have done this many times before, I was still amazed at the blissfulness of the mind without the energetic push and pull of the Internet. The mind is so much more quiet and unconcerned with the goings-on of the world when released from the tyranny of the Internet :–). I highly recommend you give yourself a vacation from the Internet the next time you go on vacation.

Sara is the author of the new book How to Be Happy NOW…Even if Things Aren’t Going Your Way available on AmazonAmazon UK and Amazon DE © 2013 Sara Weston.