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dsc_0101Keep on hand at all times great audio books, podcasts, music, books or magazines. It’s helpful to have something entertaining to do when you are waiting in line at the DMV or at the doctor’s office or when you’re caught in traffic or on the subway. There are so many draining situations that become the opposite when you have something interesting to occupy your mind. (Excerpted from the book How to Be Happy NOW…Even if Things Aren’t Going Your Way)

The How To Be Happy NOW app is a great aid for this tip. When you’re in some draining or boring situation, you can pull out your phone and read through the app. Each tip is imbued with light and will give you a refreshing burst of bright energy (for reals 🙂!), which is especially helpful in heavy environments.

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A FREE excerpt of the book is available here.

Free Book Excerpt

Download a FREE excerpt of the new book How to Be Happy NOW…Even If Things Aren’t Going Your Way! To download, right click on the book cover image below, and select “Save Link As…” or “Download Linked File As…”. A dialogue box will open. Select the location where you want to save the book, then click “Save”.

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How to Be Happy NOW excerpt

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How to Be Happy NOW – now available on Amazon

How to Be Happy NOW…Even If Things Aren’t Going Your Way is a new book about how to be happy all the time.  Written using accessible language, and lots of color photos and illustrations, it describes the things we can do to have a bright, happy life.


Book description:
In our hyper-connected world, the message is that happiness comes from getting the latest fashions, the hot guy or gal, the perfect car and the stylish house, but come on, don’t buy what they are selling out there! Even people who have it all can be miserable if they’re out of touch with their spirit.

How to Be Happy NOW shows you the way to be deeply happy all of the time regardless of whether you have it all or not. With practical and accessible wisdom, it provides seven core practices that will get you in touch with your spirit and make you truly happy. Also included are lots of tips designed to make your life easier and more fun. Adopting even a few of these tips will increase your energy and give you a bigger smile, while mastering the core practices will bring you unshakable and lasting happiness.

How to Be Happy NOW is available on Amazon and Amazon UK.