When You Don’t Love Yourself

Only-with-the-HeartWhen you don’t love yourself, it’s because you are misidentifying yourself as your body and your mind. And indeed the body and the mind have things about them to not be crazy about. Our bodies can fail us on a spectrum from perceived failures (thighs too fat, not good at sports) to the literal failures of disorder, disease and death.  Likewise, our minds can fail us on the same spectrum from frustration at not being smarter or wittier, to the literal failure of mental disease and degeneration.

But the good news is you are not your body or your mind. Who you truly are is the eternal light that makes up everyone and everything. And if you make the effort to directly realize your true nature, which is love itself, you will never not love yourself again! And all the petty frustrations with the body and mind will dissolve, and the true issues with your body and mind won’t be quite so overwhelming because they’re seen to not be the entirety of your existence. So once again, I encourage you to silence your mind on a regular basis so you can experience for yourself the eternal brightness and love that is at your core. It is by stopping the chatter of the mind that we can begin to see the light inside us.

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